Indecision will kill your business

Gather advices, weigh up pros & cons and take the right decisions

Take better decisions

Analyze one or several alternatives by weighing up pros & cons.

Fight indecision

Setup a challenging deadline and get reminded to take a good enough decision.

Widen your perspectives

Seek unbiased advices from team members or experts.

Eliminate endless meetings

The decision discussion is centralized in one place, stay informed with a single daily email.

Handle any kind of decisions

Which engine technologie are we going to use for our new vehicule ?

Diana Automotive Project Manager
  • Full electric
  • Hybrid

Which venue do we select for our next seminar?

Philip Event organizer
  • The castle
  • The convention center

Which logo should we choose?

Linda Visual Designer
  • The simple one
  • The colorful
  • The funny one

Who should we recruit?

George Recruiter
  • Anna
  • Bob
  • Isabel

How to grow our company?

Helena Co-founder
  • Raise some funds
  • Bootstrap

Should we go to Paris or London for our next holidays?

Jack & Emily, in love
Jack & Emily, in love
  • Paris
  • London

Follow a simple yet powerful decision making process

Create a decision

Formalize one or several alternatives and setup a challenging deadline.

Create a decision

Invite advisors

Seek advices from team members or experts.

Invite advisors

Weigh up Pros & Cons

A simple yet powerful decision framework.

Weigh up Pros & Cons

Stay up to date

Get an overview of the debate and discussion via the daily mail.

Stay up to date

Take the decision

Analyse alternatives, select the best and inform your team.

Take the decision

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